• Eins Null
    The most transparent, clearest and gentlest acting music software
    (Christian Rechenbach, Eins Null, 3/2013)

  • Audiostream
    My reference player
    (Steven Plaskin, Audiostream, April 2013)

  • 6moons
    JPlay brings digital almost neck to neck with vinyl
    (Paul Candy, 6moons, August 2012)

  • Enjoy the music
    The First Step to Heaven = JPLAY
    (Clive Meakins, Enjoy the Music, April 2012)

  • Stereoplay
    JPLAY is stereoplay's best known software player for Windows.
    (Andreas Bock, Stereoplay 4/2012)

  • The Absolute Sound
    JPlay -When you want to show off your system to friends
    (Charles Zeilig, Ph.D., Jay Clawson, TAS 221)

  • The Absolute Sound
    Highest playback quality obtained by any software and source.
    (Charles Zeilig, Ph.D., Jay Clawson, TAS 219)

  • High Fidelity
    An exceptional product!!! JPLAY receives the Red Fingerprint distinction.
    (Wojciech Pacuła, High Fidelity)

  • Enjoy the music
    the best two channel playback with up to 24/192 files that I’ve heard in my system
    (Bill Gaw, Enjoy the Music)

  • TNT Audio
    people pay far more than the cost of JPlay for a cable that probably won't do as much to improve the sound quality
    (Nick Whestone, TNT-Audio)

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