World’s-first features

  • 001
    Improves sound quality of any ASIO-compatible player: ROON, foobar2000, AIMP, Qobuz etc.
  • 006
    JPLAYStreamer converts your PC into audiophile network player
  • 002
    Supports both 32 and 64-bit OS
  • 003
    Support for DSD over PCM (DoP) standard (DFF & DSF file types) up to Quad-speed (DSD256)
  • 004
    Bit-perfect WASAPI, Kernel Streaming or ASIO output
  • 005
    Three unique playback engines to satisfy everyone’s taste
  • 006
    Dual PC setup for most discerning audiophiles
  • 007
    Full memory playback in JPLAYmini (zero disk I/O)
  • 008
    Large-page memory support for increased performance
  • 009
    Maximum system timer reduces operating system latency
  • 010
    Maximal priority scheduling
  • 011
    Hibernate mode
  • 012
    Bit-perfect volume control
  • 013
    Throttle mode
  • 014
    Dedicated core mode
  • 015
    Polarity (phase) reversal

Quick start

  1. Download, unzip and install FREE trial version
  2. Restart your PC
  3. Open JPLAY Settings panel and choose your audio interface

    JPLAY can be used via JPLAYStreamer, minimalistic interface JPLAYmini or via
    JPLAY Driver together with ANY audio player that has support for ASIO Output.
    Note that your audio interface does NOT have to support ASIO. You continue using
    KS/WASAPI/ASIO as before: JPLAY Driver is simply used as means to more transparently
    integrate with host player!

  4. Please read the Manual for detailed instructions how to use JPLAY.
    No expert knowledge required!
Please use the FREE trial version of our critically acclaimed player to judge the benefits in your own audio setup. Buy the fully working version in order to get rid of momentary silence during playback.

Any questitons? Feel free to ask!

If you have problems with the setup or you simply want to find out more about JPLAY, please contact us at support@jplay.eu, post a comment on our forum or on our facebook profile. We are happy to help!