World’s-first features

  • 001
    Improves sound quality of any ASIO-compatible player: ROON, foobar2000, AIMP, Qobuz etc.
  • 006
    JPLAYStreamer converts your PC into audiophile network player
  • 002
    Supports both 32 and 64-bit OS
  • 003
    Support for DSD over PCM (DoP) standard (DFF & DSF file types) up to Quad-speed (DSD256)
  • 004
    Bit-perfect WASAPI, Kernel Streaming or ASIO output
  • 005
    Three unique playback engines to satisfy everyone’s taste
  • 006
    Dual PC setup for most discerning audiophiles
  • 007
    Full memory playback in JPLAYmini (zero disk I/O)
  • 008
    Large-page memory support for increased performance
  • 009
    Maximum system timer reduces operating system latency
  • 010
    Maximal priority scheduling
  • 011
    Hibernate mode
  • 012
    Bit-perfect volume control
  • 013
    Throttle mode
  • 014
    Dedicated core mode
  • 015
    Polarity (phase) reversal

What’s new

    JPLAY v6.2
    - JPLAYStreamer now supports Qobuz Hi-Fi streaming! (via Bubble DS Next on Android)
    - JPLAYStreamer now supports Internet radio stations! (in MinimServer make an m3u file, foobar works as-is)
    - Increased JPLAYStreamer reliability and faster loading for some who experienced slow startup
    - Both Official & Alternative versions updated to latest compiler (SQ effective change)