Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Should I be interested in JPLAY?

    Only if sound quality is your number #1, #2 & #3 priority (also see #3). JPLAY comes from self-confessed fanatical audiophiles whose only goal is pursuit of an ultimate PC-based music playback and selfish enjoyment of music.

  2. Why do you claim JPLAY sounds best?

    Because we listened to every other player out there and simply find JPLAY sounding better. Read JPLAY reviews here to get a better picture or just listen and form your own opinion – it’s FREE to try!

  3. What do you mean by ‘sounding better?’

    Minimizing the influence of computer as a transport and putting the focus back on what your audio system is capable of.

  4. How can JPLAY sound ‘better’ than other players?

    Did you ever experience that one software package was much faster than the other, while both did the same thing and produced the same result? Maybe one was general-purpose and other was custom-built? Maybe one did many things OK and other did ONE thing great? JPLAY was built with only one goal in mind: optimal music reproduction.

  5. Yes, I understand that. What I meant is how do you explain ‘better sounding’ if all players are bit-perfect?

    In music, timing is everything. And in digital music reproduction doubly so: while producing bit-perfect output is easy, producing it at exact time required by digital formats (e.g. 32 bits every 22 microseconds for CD) is not. Why? Because while your PC may be really fast, it’s also doing hundreds if not thousands other things at the same time it plays music. With so many things going on, do you trust it will always ‘hit the beat’ at just the right time? Programming optimizations in JPLAY are designed to minimize both software & hardware interruptions in order to make it ‘easier’ for PC to ‘keep the rhythm’.

  6. My DAC is buffering data so I’m really not concerned with PC keeping a perfect timing.

    You should be. Simple truth is that the less processing the DAC needs to do, the better the results. Again, if you are doubtful, JPLAY is FREE to try! Trust only your own ears!

  7. I am using XYZ player now and like it. Can I still use it with JPLAY and get better sound?

    Of course! JPLAY is the first audiophile player providing direct integration with with ANY audio player that has support for ASIO output. GUI settings panel is also included for quick & easy adjustment of most important settings. This now makes JPLAY easier to use than ever and leverages hosts’ GUI with JPLAY’s Award-Winning audio playback technology.

  8. I want to read more about JPLAY. Where should I look?

    It’s best to start with Manual. If you have any questions, send us an email at or post a comment on our forum or on our facebook profile. We will be happy to help!