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Pink HQ + Minorityclean

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#541 Cloclo



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Posted 26 July 2020 - 10:26 PM

I have had a chance to test MC42 (I did run Jplay and MC directories through Rewrite Data 3.78,  as sugggested - it took few seconds, but am not sure the change before/after was significant)


My 2 cents: in my system, I preferred MC42 to MC29, my previous favourite up to revision 30.

MC42 sound much studio-monitor flat, whereas MC29 sounds more euphonic, slight V-shaped and hiifi. 


MC42 sounds direct and alive, with punchier and better defined bass. The 30-35 Hz region is now coming out very clear and audible from most tracks.  The sound is also less hifi, althoguh slightly less spacious and 3D in its image.  It is much more involving, real and dynamic.

Also it is not at all fatiguing in the highs, but mid and mid-highs (1-3 kHz) seems to project more vigorously. Hence, files from ripped CDs mastered with poorer ADCs in the 80s/90s do show more signs of ADC saturation and distortion.


I will try MC 34, 36, 43 when I get a chance and report back

SYSTEM: Remote (Samsung S7, BubbleUnPn)   >   Control PC (HP Pavillion, Penthium, 8GB RAM, Wind 10, JPlayFemto, MC28, Process Lasso, Fidelizer) with external Toshiba Canvio Basic HDD >     Meicord Opal Ethernet Cable >   Audio PC  (Lenoxo X220, I3, 4GB, Jplay, Process Lasso, MC 29, Fidelizer) >   USB-to-SPDIF converter: fully Battery Powered M2Tech HiFace, 10db MiniCircuit attenuator >    WireWorld Gold RCA digital cable >     DAC: AudioNote DAC-1x Signature >     MIT Shotgun S1 RCA interconnect >  PreAmp: Townshend Allegri >   MIT Shotgun S1.3 XLR interconnect >  PowerAmp: Holton Audio One-Zero-Zero  >   MIT Shotgun S1 speaker wire >  Speakers:  Kerr Acoustic KA300 speakers    

#542 recepky



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Posted 27 July 2020 - 05:39 PM

here is my quick thoughts 

I am still usding MC34 but tried 43 today,


It is veery interesting that on my system MC43 bring bigger soundstage compared to previos MCreleases, vocals sound too much holographic and hard to focus in the middle of the stage. It is very fun may I need some more hours to compare may be I can continue with the 43

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-DAC: Asus Xonar STX (Audio-GD Clock, Sonic Imagery 994enh IV opamps, Burson V5 buffer opamp)


-OPTIMIZER: Fidelizer Pro & Process Lasso & MinorityClean.exe (43)


#543 internethandle


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Posted 28 July 2020 - 03:34 AM

I've had a similar experience with MC43 -- the most dramatic change in sound signature for me in quite a few versions, with very large soundstage and holography. Overall I'm enjoying it. 

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#544 billgr


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Posted 28 July 2020 - 04:15 AM

Moving from MC42, in my system MC43 is the best yet. It keeps the clarity of 42 but it's more musical. Notes are more tuneful. The soundstage is fuller in the centre. It sounds more "right". I hope you all get this result. Thanks, Oryaaaaa.

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Posted 30 July 2020 - 03:29 AM

I have been listening to MC43 for about a week. Tonight I did an in-depth comparison with MC42. I really enjoyed MC42 for its stereo imaging and soundstage along with improved bass. My first impression on listening to MC43 was that it was very similar in sound signature to MC42, with the main difference being a boost in the middle frequencies with a move to a slightly more foreward sound. When I compared the two versions on my test tracks I found that I preferred MC43 on all but one of the tracks. Bass on MC43 is much better defined, pronounced and impactful. For example, comparing one of the tracks which featured a string bass, MC42 sounded much more recessed and lacking in definition. I was surprised at the level of improvement in the quality of the bass, as the bass on MC42 was already quite excellent. I also noticed the mid boost in MC43 really helped bring vocals to the front of the stage, and the vocals on all of the tracks sounded more alive with more descernible character. On the one track were I preferred MC42, I felt that the guitar was too forward and boosted with MC43, and this may have caused me to perceive less transient response and reduced stereo imaging and soundstage on that particular track. However, stereo imaging and soundstage on all of the other tracks I tested was equal, if not better, with MC43. I will be staying with MC43, as I find it is the best sounding release, thus far.
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DAC: Resonessence Mirus Signature Pro OS Drive: Intel Optane 905P m.2 SSD 380gb x2

#546 DC


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Posted 30 July 2020 - 06:16 AM


I'm totally agree with you Griddy99.

I really like MC 43 too on my system.

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