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Any point to using Jplay Femto over Jplay Classic? to play locally stored files on a single PC if you don't care about remote control?

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Posted 09 May 2019 - 09:38 PM

First of all, I'm gonna come out and say from the start that calling Jplay classic or Jplay Femto an "audio player" is an insult to audio players. They are a barely functioning "engine" that you ask your customers to couple with another audio player or a control app, upon which app's GUI and file management you then completely depend. You wouldn't sell a car engine and label it as a full car, while asking your customers to go find a car chassis to put the engine into, would you?

Nevertheless, I'm using Jplay ASIO driver as the output for Foobar and I have to say the sound quality improvement is noticeable. That, alongside the Jplay Settings menu is for me the core of the product and one that is properly designed and simply works.I had a heck of a time deciphering Femtot and figuring out how it is meant to be used.

So is it worth ditching Jplay driver coupled with an audio player and going the route of Femto + Control app if I just want to listen to music stored locally on my PC? I don't care about remote control and would rather avoid using a mobile device at all (I despise smartphones and would rather avoid tablets). I've been reading claims that using Jplay Femto alongside a UPnP control app results in even greater sound quality but so far I've found Femto to be little more than a huge inconvenience over the simple coupling of Jplay driver to an existing player. Heck: from the 2 control apps recommended on the Femto's own manual as viable to pair with Femto on a Windows PC (Kinsky and Upplay) one of them is barely functional (Kinsky does not display the library correctly, can't seek tracks, very noticeable latency, etc etc) and the other (Upplay) costs 5 euros to even download.

And what the heck is the point of encouraging the streaming of audio files over a network connection TO THE SAME PC ON WHOSE DISK THEY ARE STORED IN THE FIRST PLACE!?!? purporting a greater degree of sound quality?

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Posted 10 May 2019 - 12:14 PM



First of all, both JPLAY Classic and JPLAY FEMTO use network internally. The big difference with JPLAY FEMTO is that there is a server built-in and we  no longer rely on a 3rd party app for the loading  and processing of the file before it goes to JPLAY playback engine - it is taken care by JPLAY FEMTO itself now. The  remote app is just for browsing music and controlling the state of playback.  If you use the control point app on a different device then there is no  UI on the PC (the PC can  be  headless without a display, mouse and keyboard) and  you can play thee music in hibernate mode and still be able to browse and control playback from the  remote device. Please try and decide for yourself. 




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