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How To Identify A True Audiophile Recording

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Posted 21 August 2018 - 03:14 PM

This excitement regarding audiophile recordings is all very well but how do you know that you are listening to a genuine audiophile recording and not a mere pretender? I hope that the following questionnaire will help:


  1. Is the featured artist someone who you have never heard of?
  2. Are they playing an instrument that looks impossible to tune, much less play?
  3. Does the featured artist spell their name in an unusual way?
  4. Was the recording released by an obscure record label?
  5. Does the music contained in the recording celebrate the cultural diversity of an indigenous people or their country of origin?
  6. Was the recording made using a restored vintage analogue R2R recording device, e.g. Nagra, Studer?
  7. Is the music contained in the recording wholly inappropriate for dancing?
  8. Would you have no wish to see the featured artist in live performance?
  9. Does the featured artist have facial hair? (Please note that this question is also applicable to female artists)
  10. Is it likely that, having listened to the recording once, you would never play it again?
  11. Would the featured artist be unlikely to release a ‘Greatest Hits’ album?
  12. Does the recording enable you to focus on the more detailed mid-range of your most recent system upgrade?


If you can answer ‘Yes’ to six or more of these questions, then you are probably dealing with a genuine audiophile recording. Take comfort in the knowledge that you probably have a great hi-fi system. If not, just file it in the ‘Redundant’ category of your music library, alongside ‘Kind Of Blue’ by Miles Davis and ‘Electric Ladyland’ by The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

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Posted 22 August 2018 - 07:56 AM

I think that you can tell the quality of the recording defends if you just take a listen on a hi-end system that is both revealing and neutral - doesn't play everything in the same fashion. That said, IMHO a great system should play all recordings on a level that is enjoyable. Otherwise, what is the point of this hobby?


Question No. 9 nails it :) 

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