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Signature LAN Cable

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#1 Marcin_gps


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Posted 28 March 2018 - 11:54 AM

Hi Guys,


This is the top of the line LAN cable: https://jcat.eu/prod...ture-lan-cable/

I'm quite confident it will beat any LAN cable on the market. If it doesn't sound better then I will offer 100% refund including return shipping. 


I've been evaluating this cable since May 2017. It is quite special. During High-End 2017 in Munich, I demonstrated its performance in SPEC / fidata / sforzato room. The Signature LAN Cable was plugged between the fidata server and sforzato streamer (>30k EUR front-end). It replaced already excellent Japan Telegaertner LAN Cable. The improvement with the Signature LAN Cable was so profound, that the dealer decided to buy the Signature LAN Cable at the site. 


If you have the JCAT NET Card already (or x2 NET Cards) and going with the M12 SWITCH GOLD is not an option, the Signature LAN Cable will be the 2nd best network improvement you can possibly get. 




Customer review on CA forum: https://www.computer...ture-lan-cable/


Best regards,


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#2 Tomslin


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Posted 22 July 2018 - 10:24 AM



I was able to borrow this nice but quite expensive LAN cable by Marcin during this winter in conjunction with another purchase. My thought before I tried it was that “it possibly might be a bit better”, but then it's not worth the highly price and therefore I also would send the cable back. That was the plan. But I know that it also can be financially dangerous to test good and expensive things, it can be a “wow-effect” that becomes difficult to resist. That was exactly what happened. This Signature cable is really good, can not say something else. Although the one I had before (JCAT Reference) also is very good, this Signature will easily outperform it. The sound is much cleaner, more resolved from deep bass to highest treble. I can always hear a certain graininess with Reference, and I also think it’s reminiscent of the difference between JCAT SATA and the new JCAT SATA Reference. I experienced that difference and the improvement immediately, but actually first in recent days I have compared the cables with some new A-B test. The difference remains, I don’t want to replace this Signature :)  I should also mention that it also are two JCAT Net Card Femto in my setup, powered by two separate LTO batteries. All together it’s a combination I believe is quite difficult to beat :)


Best Regards


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AudioPC: Intel S1200V3RPS, Intel Xeon E3-1230LV3, Apacer AP2GITETLQ1K3 2GB DDR3 1066 ECC DIMM,

SATA to CF Adapter with Apacer AP-CF016GRANS-ETNRC, JCAT USB Card Femto,
JCAT Reference SATA Cable, JCAT Net Card Femto

ControlPC: Intel S1200KPR, Intel Xeon E3-1265L V2, Apacer 75.A83EE.G000C 2GB DDR3 1066 ECC DIMM,

SATA to CF Adapter with Apacer AP-CF016GRANS-ETNRC (for Windows), SATA to CF Adapter with Apacer AP-CF016GRAFS-NR (for WAV-files),

JCAT Reference SATA Cable, JCAT Net Card Femto, JCAT Signature LAN Cable

Software: Windows Server 2016 Standard, Total Commander 9.21a, JPLAY 7 Femto, Audiophile Optimizer 2.20, Upplay 1.3.0

Audio equipment: JCAT Reference USB Cable, Harmony Design Pre 906, Moon Audio Silver Dragon V3 with Furutech Rhodium XLR, Sennheiser HD800

#3 Marcin_gps


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Posted 24 July 2018 - 01:55 PM

Thank you for sharing your impressions. I appreciate it :)




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#4 drhl



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Posted 05 March 2019 - 07:43 PM



I bought this cable in September 2018. Firstly I was using it as a network cable to connect switch with dedicated for audio PC (LPS, JCat Femto USB, JCat Femto Network Card, etc.). It definitely made sound of streaming media more subtle and less harsh. The soundstage was better defined and resolution was a little bit higher - every sound has better definition and better separation from other sounds. It was really nice and big improvement! However from last few days I am using it to connect streamer Ayon NW-T to Lampizator Pacific DAC (i2s input) and I am still very very impressed. I was comparing it to e.g. Siltech Goden Eagle 75 Double Crown (rca spdif), which is the best spdif cable I have ever heard. I also have tried other LAN cables like Ayon Pearl Lan, but only JCat on i2s input brought much better definition of sound. It sound appeared much more details that I was not aware of - it was something like switching from 1080p to 4K. What is more JCat made all parts of sound equals - bass, high tones, voices, middle tones. All was equal and all was very good defined. Before hearing JCat on i2s I was sure that Siltech do this, but now I now that it prefers much more middle tones then rest parts.


I highly recommend this cable for LAN purposes. But when you can use it in i2s connections, this is your MUST HAVE, really!!




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