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JCAT Reference SATA Cable

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#1 Marcin_gps


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Posted 10 January 2018 - 10:23 AM

Hi Guys, 


Some of you probably noticed the new JCAT cables. SATA v2 cable has been discontinued and replaced by two completely new models:


- JCAT Reference SATA Cable


Why did I introduce new models? First and most important reason for me is always better sound. Second reason is compatibility and ease of installation. 


JCAT HD SATA Cable offers much better sound quality compared to discontinued JCAT SATA v2. It can be used with any SATA drives, but It sounds best with music library HDDs. 


JCAT Reference SATA Cable is in a completely different league: much better resolution, dynamics. Darker, more natural tone. It can be used with all SATA drives, but it's best to have it on OS drive. 


I personally use the Reference on OS drive and the HD Cable on my media library HDD. 

Let me know if you have any questions. 




#2 Tomslin


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Posted 11 February 2018 - 09:42 PM

Of course I have seen this new JCAT products :) When Marcin claims that they sound so much better, I will obviously be curious. For quite long time I have considered to try a new SATA cable. And my choice this time became this new JCAT Reference.


For near three weeks I have used this new JCAT Reference as replacement for JCAT SATA V2 in my Audio-PC. I think it’s enough with time to share my impression.


During my first test directly from the fine gold box I immediately heard that it sounded cleaner. Perhaps not a night and day difference, yet fully noticeable.

Now I have listened much more with JCAT Reference, perhaps both the cable and my brain has become more balanced during this time. I'm not either a true “burning-in believer” but I anyway have my senses fully open. I switched back to my old JCAT SATA V2, and after that it was not fun to listen anymore. Whole soundstage was more squeezed or compressed and strained especially in the treble. Moreover, any better analysis tool than my HD800 cans to hear very small problems with the treble, will be very hard to find. The improvement I get with this new SATA cable reminds me of other improvements I get when jitter is reduced, i.e. cleaner sound, more resolution, better sound stage and better dynamics. But I don't experiencing it changing the sound signature in any way, as more dark, brighter, warmer and so on. Only cleaner and generally better. Above all, the treble is cleaned up considerably.  


For me is JCAT Reference SATA Cable a big improvement that contributes strongly to buy another one for my Control PC.

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AudioPC: Intel S1200V3RPS ǀǀ Intel Xeon E3-1230LV3 ǀǀ Apacer AP2GITETLQ1K3 2GB DDR3 1066 ECC DIMM ǀǀ PPA OCXO SATA to CF Adapter with Apacer AP-CF016GRANS-ETNRC ǀǀ

JCAT USB Card FEMTO ǀǀ JCAT Reference SATA Cable ǀǀ JCAT Net Card FEMTO ControlPC: Intel S1200KPR ǀǀ Intel Xeon E3-1265L V2 ǀǀ Apacer 75.A83EE.G000C 2GB DDR3 1066 ECC DIMM ǀǀ  

PPA SATA to CF Adapter with Apacer AP-CF016GRANS-ETNRC (for Windows) ǀǀ PPA SATA to CF Adapter with Apacer AP-CF016GRAFS-NR (for WAV-files) ǀǀ JCAT Reference SATA Cable ǀǀ

JCAT Net Card FEMTO ǀǀ JCAT Signature LAN Cable Software: Windows Server 2016 Standard ǀǀ Total Commander 9.12 ǀǀ JPLAY 6.2 ǀǀ Audiophile Optimizer 2.20b6 ǀǀ MinimServer ǀǀ

Upplay 1.2.11 Audio equipment: Berkeley Audio Design Alpha USB ǀǀ JCAT Reference USB Cable ǀǀ PPA red AES/EBU XLR Cable ǀǀ

Harmony Design Pre 906 with 24-steps ELMA and inbuilt DA900 D/A Converter and Ear909 Headphone Amplifier ǀǀ Moon Audio Silver Dragon V3 with Furutech Rhodium XLR ǀǀ Sennheiser HD800

#3 Marcin_gps


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Posted 10 April 2018 - 11:46 AM

Customer report: "Very nice improvement with the SATA cables.  I was very surprised."


Attached File  IMG_0002.JPG.1f445f27144d4b76ca9648c84ba2e1a6.JPG   130.84KB   1 downloads


New stock available if anyone is interested :)


#4 Mellowman



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Posted 02 May 2018 - 08:57 AM



Marcin gave me the opportunity to own one of the first Reference SATA Cable: it is a great improvement -  better than the first version i purchased a few month before.


Today the Reference wire my System SSD, the first one moved on my storage SSD for the best sound result.


Keep on workin' that way guys  :D

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Hifi must serve the Music.

Not the opposite ;)

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