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JCAT USB Isolator

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Posted 20 January 2017 - 02:40 PM

You may check what I suggested (device manager) and reinstalling Diverter's driver. Some DACs/USB-DDCs require reinstalling driver when USB chipset/port is changed. 

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Posted 22 January 2017 - 03:50 PM



This computer/digital stuff never stop to surprise me! :)

I did not reinstall the drivers, because it showed same symptoms when I tried with WTF player with Linux OS.


Now short story long! :)


The only way that is working is FEMTO => JCAT usb cbl => Isolator =>10-15cm DIY usb cable => ifi ipurifier2 => Sonicweld


Changing JCAT usb cable after Isolator is not working! Looks that it likes short connection after the Isolator!

From the beginning I wanted to try the usb adapter, from Isolator to Sonicweld, but I don't have enough space in the back, since my Sonicweld is attached to my DAC via BNC/BNC adapter!


Taking away the ipurifier 2 is NOT WORKING!!!! By all means I expected the opposite!



Adding only Ipurifier between FEMTO card and Sonicweld, I get more clear sound, better highs, but the voices are tinnier and to screamy. Bass is the same, but a bit tighter.

Adding the Isolator with the Ipurifier2 and the cable that I made, I get a bit less harshness and a bit better bass, but  nothing like jaw dropping, just a bit. (comparing without all 3 of them)

For the record I have to to mention that my system already is very quiet. Also, the Isolator was connected for more than 2 weeks into my laptop, to burn in!!

So far I'm happy that I finally made it work and still happy with the improvement, considering my weakest link the short DIY usb cable.

Homemade PC box + TXCO MSI mobo + I5 4440 (800MHz 5 5 5 9) + 16gb RAM (AO 2.20 Core, PL, R2) + Toshiba Q Pro 512 SSD for music files with JCAT sata cbl + JCAT FEMTO + 3.3 battery PS's + TeraDak ATX-820W  

SYSTEM: JCAT usb cable => Diverter HR => Wadia 931/922 (GNSC mod) => Audio Aero Prestige's => 2x Valhalla shotgun spk cbl + 2x Bybee speaker bulets => Stacked & moded ESL 57's + JAS SuperTweeters + 2 moded MJ Acoustics Reference I sub's
POWER: 4 separate 10 gauge power lines with Furutech Rhodium outlets; Audio Magic "Oracle Liquid Power"; Shunyata "King Kobra CX", Stealth Audio "Dream Digital", Audio Magic "Clairvoyant Liquid", Dream State Audio "Lucid Dream".....

TWEAKS: 4 Stein Harmonizers; RR-777; Entreq Tellus with solid silver wires + separate extra grounding; Stillpoints Ultra SS, a lot of room treatments....


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Posted Yesterday, 07:50 AM

LOL. This is really weird.. Anyway, good to hear it works! :)

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