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#35154 Infinity Blade HQ (Bug Head Emperor) worth trying

Posted by franran on 18 March 2016 - 01:47 AM

I don't understand a word of Japanese, except arigato. Any correspondence I have had with him has been very confusing. I have much compassion for a mentally ill person. Despite his severe psychosis, Hiroyuki has managed to create the best audio player on the planet. I am very grateful to him and support him spiritually...and occassionally otherwise. He knows that I genuinely care about him. I pray that he finds mental peace. Someone without compassion might find his illness a bother. I don't. It makes me admire him more for what he has accomplished. There are people who don't appreciate what he has created and given away for free. They personally attack him. That is not delusion, it is fact. The world is full of unhappy people who would do this.


He has a little music system, inferior to most systems on this forum. He only currently has Windows 10 to develop from. He can not troubleshoot problems pertaining to other OSs. He knows that those with Windows 7 and 8 can update for free to Windows 10, which sounds better anyway. He allows WS2012 R2 to load his player, but in no way supports it. It doesn't work well for me anymore so I don't use the new versions. It is okay. 6.66 is a wonderful gift from a brilliant man in Japan.


I accept problems in life and look for solutions where they can be found. The solutions often lead to better things than what was had before "the problem" was encountered .

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#36808 HySolid HiRez Music Player

Posted by AudioDoc on 04 July 2016 - 12:18 PM

In order to get HYSOLID player working using JPlay as the ASIO, here are the steps.

Run all the following from GUI.

1.       Reset AO to enable all services.

2.       Uninstall Fidelizer

3.       Uninstall JPlay

4.       Install HYSOLID

5.       Change the two HYSOLID services to run as the logged on user instead of Local System

6.       Install JPlay

7.       Open the HYSOLID ASIO Panel, highlight JPlay ASIO, then click Start (nothing will be displayed; this will tell the program to use JPlay ASIO)

8.       Open the HYSOLID Tool and setup the drive for the music (http://www.hysolid.com/howto.html)

9.       After a successful installation, launch the app on the iPad, iPhone etc.

10.   Select JPlay ASIO

11.   Play music to confirm that JPlay ASIO is working

12.   Install Fidelizer (if it is used in the configuration)

13.   Play music, to confirm that the program is still functional with the JPlay ASIO driver.

14.   Run AO either in GUI or switch to core, if that is the preference.

15.   Before switching to core Fidelizer needs to be installed and configured, in my experience when you get into core the logon will revert to Local System if Fidelizer was not installed and configured before switching to core mode.

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#35983 Infinity Blade HQ (Bug Head Emperor) worth trying

Posted by franran on 03 May 2016 - 10:49 PM

Anybody who still needs 6.98, shoot me a PM. I will give you a link for 6.98 IB.exe.

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#42825 Comparison of original CF card reader vs PP Audio modified one

Posted by kyrill on 06 April 2018 - 02:42 PM

hi pav


I have no experience yet with cf cards. But your experience resembles a bit mine when upgrading components in my very transparent

audio system in order to battle any kind of "harshness" introduced by  RFI EMI and or digital harshness.

When by an improvement the difference is too big, too easily discerned, my initial response was disappointment, and my sons ( in their twenties) with much

"sharper" ears even found the "upgrade" much worse sounding.

But they do not yet appreciate the search for the Holy Grail in high end sound systems:

musicality, naturalness.

The best MOST PERFECT high end sounds are all the daily sounds around you. The voices of your friends, the bus coming in the street. The birds and the sounds of acoustic guitars

and so on. If you close your eyes, the world around you, sound wise is the Holy Grail fulfilled: a perfect perfect speaker audio system.


Close your eyes and listen when you are in your garden, people in the room, outside on the pavement. What is lacking?

All the thrills of a good audio system , it almost sound common, normal, almost boring.

A good upgrade is doing exactly that, the initial disappointment I had with a good upgrade, it makes it more ehh or better less fantastic, less asking for attention or said in black and white

as if less treble, everything becomes more soft COMPARED to the more "harshness" embedded, invisible in the music, I was used to hear in my music room. I forgot to compare it with the most

perfect audio system on earth: the sound around me NOT coming form headphones or speakers. I compared it automatically to my sound system before the update.


Still there are snake oil updates or even ones that do make the sound worse. But in digital land a more precise clock and less jitter will always sound more natural if the more precise clock gets a more pristine clean power.


A warning though, the less transparent the music system is, the more it needs "harshness" to push through the veil  that should not be there. In that case the HiFI system is not yet an audiophile system and it will sound worse with a modification that will lift up a high end system.

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#42833 Comparison of original CF card reader vs PP Audio modified one

Posted by Tomslin on 07 April 2018 - 09:00 AM

Hi Peter


Due to your post I have done some tests with a generic SATA-CF adapter, the one in the picture here:




There is no chance that this generic sounds better than PPA OCXO in my setup. The difference is clearly heard even in Control PC. It recalls generic SSD, maybe something better, but that “digital feeling” is clearly noticeable. The soundstage shrinks, more strained treble, worse resolution and dynamic for to mention some.


I’m little curious how you have done your audio PC setup. Due to the picture you attached, I can’t see anything special that resembles a carefully made audio PC, without to judge you in any form :)  Neither the SATA cable or power cord gives the OCXO adapter any justice, and the ability to perform. You can’t mix good things with bad, if so the result will always be bad. Good things only work together with other good things. It always applies in the audiophile sphere, both when it's about digital and analog :) 




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#42020 Unable to Use DSD256 Upsampling With jPlay

Posted by Marcin_gps on 29 December 2017 - 02:49 PM

We will have sth new soon. Stay tuned :) 

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#39392 Web Browser in server 2016 CORE Mode !!

Posted by Nobudy on 12 February 2017 - 01:19 PM

If You need a web browser in WS2016 CORE
Latest Firefox will do it for you,

download latest build from mozilla.com and install

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#38109 JCAT USB Card FEMTO

Posted by Tomslin on 09 October 2016 - 03:37 PM



Yesterday I switched my PPA PCIe/USB3-card to the new JCAT V2 Femto and I experienced a clear improvement in SQ. I'm absolutely satisfied with the upgrade, even though I have only had time to listen a few hours yet. So the card has hardly begun to give its absolute full potential yet either.

Something else I'm very satisfied with is my setup generally, especially considering how good it sounds. Not my intention to brag but yesterday I traveled to Stockholm and listened to some of the world's most famous and best headphones, the absolutely top layer with the most exclusive that comprising Audeze LCD-4, Hifiman HE1000, Pioneer SE-Master1 and Sennheiser HD800S. I had heard JPS Labs Abyss earlier, along with Audeze LCD-3 and LCD-X. Apparently my old HD800 which I bought already in December 2009 is still very good in the competitive. It depends very much on all this excellent stuff I have behind them, where among other JPlay Streamer contributes strongly. This new JCAT card raise them another notch. Fantastic. My own setup with all this special soft- and hardware is pretty hard to beat in general at least when it comes to pure SQ. Although it’s very expensive stuff I compare to, is something I also noticed, latest yesterday. It feels good when all efforts gives such a result. Thanks. :D



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#37580 Going to extremes

Posted by Marcin_gps on 18 August 2016 - 05:29 PM


Anyone has a private power line? :)

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#37090 A small program to send tracks to JPLAYmini with one click

Posted by blueoris on 23 July 2016 - 07:56 AM

Hi guys,

I have been enjoying JPLAY for few weeks and wrote a small program for myself so I can quickly send multiple audio files from File Explorer to JPLAYmini, with one click.

As it has completely change my experience with this great player, I thought others will find it also useful.

The program (and its associated documentation) can be downloded from the OneDrive link below.


Questions, comments and suggestions are welcome :)
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#36375 Infinity Blade HQ (Bug Head Emperor) worth trying

Posted by BernieK on 13 June 2016 - 12:26 PM

Has anyone been able to get BH 7.25? The regular BH site is still 7.23. The Microsoft One Drive redirect link on his Facebook page does not work for me.


From Hiroyuki's Facebook posts it sounds like this is an active version. 



Same here  :(


Hi franran and selfy,


This first One Drive site has 7.23. Here's the link:




This second One Drive site has 7.25 Test 4.1. Here's the corrected link:







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#31213 Infinity Blade HQ (Bug Head Emperor) worth trying

Posted by bodiebill on 11 August 2015 - 06:20 PM

First impressions of IB 5.21, from a greenhorn who did not experience all the previous versions:


The tuning settings are subtle but so far I seem to prefer the (to my ears) 'holistic' ones: Galaxy and Orochi.


I compared 1 Normal mode and 2 Basic set [Normal / x2 Basic] mode, and the latter is evidently inferior in my setup. Then I also tried 4 Upsampling and this adds a wonderful sparkle (clarity). Impressive! Time will learn whether I prefer the hot chocolate sauce of 1 Normal or the starry sky of 4 Upsampling.


Some things I still have to figure out:


- With JPlay hibernate on, BHE does not play. And neither does it with hyperthreading enabled in the BIOS. (So I am back to hyperthreading disabled as recommended by Phil.)


- I have two RAM slots. According to CPU-Z 8GB on slot #1 and 8GB on slot #3. Slots #2 and #4 are free. However, when I set the BHE DIMM accordingly, i.e. 8 0 8 0, it says "?GBx2 or ?GBx4 only". The setting 4 4 4 4 does work for me, but I wonder why, as I only have 2 RAM slots. My RAM is Kingston Technology FURY Black 16 (2x8) GB 1866MHz DDR3. Not sure whether it's double-sided, but I guess not. Any advise how I can locate double sided RAM fit for my Gigabyte GA-H97N-WIFI mobo?


- The letters and numbers in BHE do not fit; only half of each letter/number is shown; it seems like a font or resolution problem.


I haste to add that these are all minor quibbles given my current state of audiophile euphoria. Sometimes I am so overwhelmed that I switch everything off and take a walk outside, just enjoying the afterglow...


PS1 To complicate matters, I expect a 2nd DAC (Lampi Lite 7 with DSD 256) later this week, which I will compare to my current Audio Aéro Prestige. The Lampi is in a different ballgame as I bought it mainly to up-sample all my music to DSD. If I would have experienced this BHE sound quality earlier, I wonder whether I would have ordererd it... Thanks to Server 2012, AO, Fidelizer, BHE and JPlay my Audio Aéro seems transformed.


PS2 To make things worse: I expect to receive a USB Regen soon from the mid August batch. It now seems difficult to imagine a further sound improvement, but we will hear...


PS3 On a whim, I started to translate the BHE manual. This may show my interest in BHE but is also a sign of hybris I guess. 350 pages! This guy and his player intrigue me...

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#42568 JPLAYStreamer: how to improve sound quality [GUIDE]

Posted by taxman2 on 19 March 2018 - 08:03 PM

I don't know what to say. For my ears I feel like I am in a new sound dimension. Last year, I was just going to get Accuphase, when I've visited a show room and listened to Audia Flight preamp and amp. So I kept going there everyday for the next month or so... Finally, I bought them. The sound comes out natural (nothing more or less) in a way it was meant to sound by the sound engineer who recorded and mixed the track. But that is my opinion and my ears. One should hear it, than judge it.

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#42473 JCAT NET Card FEMTO

Posted by Tomslin on 09 March 2018 - 04:52 AM


PS. If somebody tested different PSU options I would be very grateful for any suggestion how to “squeeze more” form the setup. Now I use linear Teradak ATX PSU to power mobo and mentioned femto lan cards via LP4.




I'm pretty convinced you can squeeze out more :) 


If you can make some DIY, and take some disadvantage with batteries, you can try these.


They should be used two in series and without any voltage regulator between battery and device. Only wires of good quality with quite much area, preferably PTFE isolated silver plated copper. It can give a SQ that outperforms many, even very good LPS. The main reason for this big sound improvement is very low ESR in these battery cells, which is retained all the way to the device.


Now I use these batteries for all of my 5V devices; JCAT Net Cards, JCAT USB cards and PPA CF-SATA adapters. And after my sound experiences I will never replace these with any LPS, despite "a little” increased inconvenience. With my earlier battery setup with LiFePO4 and voltage regulators, there would have been another matter though.



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#41560 JPLAYStreamer: how to improve sound quality [GUIDE]

Posted by Marcin_gps on 13 October 2017 - 03:44 PM

Hello Guys, 


I've just posted another article on the blog. Hope you'll enjoy it :)



Best regards,


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#41487 JPLAY dual PC mode: how it works & why you need it [ARTICLE]

Posted by Marcin_gps on 27 September 2017 - 05:32 PM

Hello Guys, 


I've just posted another article on the blog. This time it is about JPLAY dual PC mode. You can read it here. I think even advanced users will find some interesting info in the text. Available here: http://jplay.eu/ml_p...hy-you-need-it/


More advanced tweaky content coming next week.


Best regards,


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#39634 Getting the most out of JPLAY

Posted by Marcin_gps on 01 March 2017 - 06:56 PM

Network configuration is crucial in extracting the most from JPLAYStreamer. I will elaborate this subject in my next articles

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#39366 Windows Server 2016 - any good, any better?

Posted by AudioPhil on 10 February 2017 - 09:27 AM

Devmgr in core will be just a little nice "addon" to what is already working here in the kitchen...! :-D

Beta 5 will change the game like nothing before ever did!
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#31959 Infinity Blade HQ (Bug Head Emperor) worth trying

Posted by goldengate on 28 September 2015 - 07:58 PM

Makes me wonder if the developer is spitting out different flavors or if all of these builds are leading up an ultimate goal where he says, "Okay, this is the last one. It can't get any better than this. See ya, folks!" (Only in Japanese).

I say this because there seems to be a wide disparity in sound between daily builds, even though they all have the same buttons, tunings, and ways to configure it.

NOTE: This is in no way denegrating the creator. I just wonder what his end goal is. The same as ours?


You can view the Bughead facebook page for additional commentary from the developer. I will refrain from spending  much time on this as my interest is purely audio SQ. Here is a recent snippet from developer (google translated) on JPLAY:


"In addition, if introduced JPLAY, trend of tuning it will be JPLAY dependent, it will contrary to the "the world's most powerful technology nation Japan" significance of the goal."


The developer has also talked openly about dealing with mental illness. The magnitude of releases may be a manifestation.


I believe the developer has created something absolutely amazing that I enjoy almost every day.  I wish him good fortune and health (and have even contributed amazon gift cards like many here). However, if you spend  time following the developer you may read things that may seem odd, a bit incoherent or even troubling. 


Those using BH/IB are essentially being taken on a ride from the mind of one unique and talented developer. When and where it ends is anyone's guess. My recommendation is to buckle up and enjoy the view while acknowledging there probably will be a few bumps on the way there.

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#30950 Infinity Blade HQ (Bug Head Emperor) worth trying

Posted by franran on 02 August 2015 - 01:43 PM

Strange. I feel the exact opposite. I've always felt HQ Player having more of a Solid State Feel to IBs tube sound. HQ Player is probably closer to what you would hear on the master tape but IB feels like it has a much larger soundstage and has the more direct emotional connection. Like tubes, I would not be suprised if IB has more "coloration" at the hand of the developer but I am very much drawn to the sound. HQ player is accurate but seems smaller in scale and a bit too polite. At least with my system.


I have 4 players right now and I personally have them ranked for SQ as (1) IB (2) Jplay mini (3) HQ Player and (4) JRiver


Of course, tastes and systems vary, so this is IMO only.

GG, that is exactly my experience with BH & HQ


My recent problems with BH forced me to go back to HQ. I found it had improved but compared to BH it was smoother with nice details, yet flatter. It did not have the color, vibrancy or soundstage of BH. It was missing the highlights and multi-dimensionality the BH gives you.


Going back to BH, I really appreciate the incredible vista of sound Hiroyuki has created. The luminescence, dynamism and transparency of BH provides an emotional experience every time I listen to music on this player. Hiroyuki has created some magic here that is unlike anything else.

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