JPLAY - instantly transform your PC into high-end digital transport. Introducing a number of world's-first features for the ultimate PC-based music playback

Full memory-based playback

no disk activity during playback
Full Memory Playback Most other memory-based players dynamically load tracks into memory during playback. In contrast, JPLAYmini pre-loads complete playlist into RAM guaranteeing zero disk I/O during music reproduction.

Maximal Priority Scheduling

ultra low latency capabilities
Maximal Priority Scheduling Ensure uninterrupted flow of music data by running music playback at highest possible priority.

Hibernate Mode

multicore audio playback
Hibernation Mode Cancel OS ‘noise’ by eliminating dozens of OS jitter-inducing processes & hundreds of threads!

Puristic design provides transcendent quality

JPLAY is a work of fanatical audiophiles, whose only goal is pursuit for ultimate PC-based music playback. Its highly optimized award-winning playback engine can be used as stand-alone player or together with popular music management software on the market like JRiver Media Center, foobar2000, MediaMonkey, iTunes, as well as with music streaming services: Spotify, Qobuz, YouTube, VEVO, DEEZER, PANDORA, iRadio, Google Music All Access, WiMP and many more. JPLAY instantly transforms your PC into high-end digital transport. Hear the difference now!


For the first time CD material is guaranteed to work with lowest latency of 1 sample on most PCI or USB audio interfaces!

Large Page Memory

Decrease CPU latencies with superior memory management techniques.

JPLAY as a Windows Service

JPLAY is the first and only audio player that operates as a Windows Service. By leveraging ‘Session 0 Isolation’ JPLAY can get to non-fragmented memory sooner than with current approach of manually tweaking loading order of Startup programs. No user intervention is required as Windows guarantees JPLAY will be started at earliest possible moment for best results.

Maximum System Timer

Reduce OS latency by making Windows switch tasks faster.

64-bit Support

JPLAY makes use of both 32-bit and 64-bit CPU-s’ architecture.

High Resolution

Jplay supports 16-bit Red Book and High-rez 24-bit files in WAV, AIFF, ALAC or FLAC formats – we say no to lossy codecs.

Learn more about computer audio

Visit our blog and read articles about pc-audio optimizations. Gain knowledge how to improve playback under Windows.
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